Yoga and Tai Chi


Learn postures and techniques for relaxing, strengthening, and opening the mind, heart, and body as our experienced yoga instructors help you bring awareness into your being.  We offer Yoga for Beginners and Intermediates, as well as Chair Yoga:


Yoga for Beginners/Intermediates:  This class is offered to those looking for a basic to a more advanced level of yoga.  Integrating breath work and meditation into each session, our instructors invite you to begin or continue your own practice right “where you are.”  Each 1-hour class is kept to a maximum of 8 people.  This allows our instructors to give individual attention to assist you with positioning and strengthening.

Chair Yoga This class is created to benefit those with Neurologic conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, or any medical condition that alters your balance.  Our instructors tailor all poses to meet individual needs to balance, stretch, and strengthen mind and body.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese exercise system consisting of slow, rhythmical movements of the limbs and torso, deep breathing, and deliberate transference of weight to maintain balance at all times.  We offer Tai Chi for those with imbalance and for the able-bodied who are ready to begin their own practice.

For further information, please contact our Physical Therapy Department at (203) 748-5631 and click here for our PT Services Price List.