Contact Us

To reach Associated Neurologists’ Main Office, Physical Therapy, and Medical Fitness Center, please call us at (203) 748-2551. 

smart phone image

Our phone system will then prompt you as follows:

  • If you are experiencing a Medical Emergency, please hang up and dial 911.
  • If you are a Physician or calling from a Physician’s Office, press 1.
  • To Schedule, Cancel, or Reschedule an Appointment with a Neurologist or Physician Assistant, press 2.
  • For Medication Renewals or Any Medical Question, including Test Results, press 3.
  • For Neuropsychology, press 4.
  • For Behavioral Health, press 5.
  • For Physical Therapy Scheduling, dial extension 310.
  • For the Medical Fitness Center, dial extension 364.
  • For Medical Records, press 8.
  • For Billing, press 9.
  • For all other calls, dial 301.

Just a Reminder: We require 24 hour’s notice for canceling an appointment in order to avoid a late Cancellation Fee.