FMH Patient Portal

FollowMyHealth (FMH) is an easy-to-use, secure Patient Portal and a Personal Health Record that helps you take a more active role in managing your care.

Benefits of using the FMH Patient Portal include the following:

  • Secure online messaging with your providers with routine questions about your healthcare
  • Ability to request prescription renewals, request appointments, and reschedule appointments
  • Use of secure messaging to make a medical records request
  • Ability to receive appointment reminders and email care reminders from your providers
  • Access to patient educational materials on diagnoses, medications, and allergies
  • Access to your personal health records securely and conveniently online
  • An app center, including access to Blue Button® capability, which allows you to access and download your personal health record into a simple text file, enabling you to share this data with healthcare providers and caregivers

So when you’re seen in our office in consultation or follow-up, be sure to ask us about FollowMyHealth!  We’ll ask that you complete a short registration  form and will then send you an email invitation from This invitation will include instructions on how to create your FollowMyHealth Portal account.

The helpful video below will also show you step by step how to easily register for your FollowMyHealth Portal account from Your Email Invitation.

VIDEO: How to Register for Your FollowMyHealth Portal Account

If you’re the parent of a child under the age of 18 years or the adult child or legal guardian of a dependent adult who is a patient of the practice, you may also be interested in asking us about our Follow My Health Patient Portal during your next visit to the practice. The patient, parent of the minor patient, and/or legal representative will be asked to complete a short FMH Proxy Authorization Form, including his/her email address. After receiving this information, we will send an email invitation shortly from to the designated proxy to join the FMH Portal for the patient.


If you’ve been seen in our office in the last year but are NOT yet a member of our FMH Portal, you can also click on the link above to make a Connection Request for our Portal:

To send your Connection Request today, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the blue Create an Account button
  • Complete the required fields (first and last name, date of birth, zip code, and preferred notification email).
  • Click on the green FMH icon.

FMH icon

  • Create your User Name and Password. Your password must be at least 8 characters and include one numeric and one special character such as @or &.
  • Enter your Zip Code to locate our Practice.

FMH connection request

  • Click on the blue Connect button next to the listing for Associated Neurologists, which will then populate on the right beneath My Organizations.
  • Click on the Next  on the lower right.  You’ll then be prompted to read the Terms of Service.
  • After clicking on “I Accept,” you will receive a message that you have successfully requested access to Associated Neurologists’ FMH Patient Portal.  You will receive an email notification from us once your Connection Request has been accepted.

Click here for helpful Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from FollowMyHealth’s Portal services.