PT Concussion Management

The Western Connecticut Concussion Center at Associated Neurologists, PC, consists of a team of specialists dedicated to helping you recover from concussion swiftly and safely.  Physical Therapy is an essential step in the management of concussion.  This treatment may be recommended by your physician if your symptoms include dizziness, neck injury, and/or headache.

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Our Physical Therapist will examine your neck and jaw for pain, stiffness, and soft tissue injury.  Problems in any of these areas may make your headache more intense, and therapy may be indicated for a short time to eliminate these problems.  If you have any dizziness or equilibrium problems due to your concussion, our clinical staff who have specialized training in vestibular rehabilition will treat your dizziness and help to restore your balance.  The therapist may recommend to your physician that you undergo additional tests to determine the exact nature of your dizziness to assist in your treatment.  Finally, the Physical Therapist will assess your ability to tolerate physical activity in a safe and monitored program of exertion to help determine when you can return to sport, play, and life’s activities.

In addition to Physical Therapy, your physician may request that you take an ImPACT test.  We administer both Baseline and Post-Injury ImPACT tests.  These consist of a 25-minute computerized test that will determine how the brain is functioning prior to and after an injury.  If you have not taken a Baseline ImPACT test–i.e., a Pre-Injury test to determine your baseline brain functioning score–your Post-Injury score will be compared to the normative data of your age group.  ImPACT tests are conducted throughout the rehabilitative process as directed by your physician.  To learn more about the ImPACT test, click here to visit the ImPACT Website.