Routine EEGs


In your brain, cells generate electrical impulses that carry messages to all parts of the body through a complex system of nerves. The brain receives information when light, sound, etc. produce electrical impulses in nerves leading to the brain. The brain sends out electrical impulses, which control actions such as muscle coordination, speech and vision. These electrical messages to and from the brain can become altered by illness or injury. This test can help detect the locations and cause of the problem.


The electroencephalogram (EEG) provides important information about the health and functioning of the brain.   Our EEG technologists will apply electrodes with adhesive to key locations on your head.   The adhesive easily washes or shampoos out.  These electrodes have wires leading to the EEG machine.  The machine picks up electrical impulses in your brain and records, so that the results can be analyzed by your neurologist.

You may engage in your normal activities including eating and sleeping before and after the test.  On the day of the test, please take your medications as you normally do. This test is painless, and there is no radiation involved.  Please note that a routine EEG takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes.